Gas Leak Detection

gas leak detection test

What to Do

A gas leak is considered an emergency plumbing situation as the implications and potential for the health and safety of occupants can be dire. If you suspect there is a gas leak leave the premises immediately and contact emergency services if you suspect there is danger. Once that has been resolved our team is here to help with locating the gas leak in order to begin with gas line repairs.

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Signs & Causes of Gas Leaks

A gas leak can form in your lines from improper gas line pressures, loosened gas line connections, or impact made to the gas line like breaks in the pipe or other holes or perforations. There will be several signs to look out for when a gas leak is present. You may see discolored vegetation near the gas line or floating objects like leaves or particles. Since natural gas is naturally scentless gas companies have added a harmless chemical called mercaptan to give it a distinctive “rotten egg” smell. If you smell that in the air vacate the premises to avoid exposure to breathing the harmful gas.

Our team has state-of-the-art gas leak detection devices to properly trace the origin of a gas leak. We also provide gas line pressure testing to see if improper gas pressures are causing leaks. Only a trained and certified professional should handle these various tests as there are risks of injury and health with gas lines. Once the problems have been figured out, relevant solutions like adjusting pressures, replacement pipes, or pipe repairs will be implemented.

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