Slab Leak Repair

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Have Slab Leaks Fixed

Don’t let a slab leak shift your foundation or cause any other issues with your property. Sanz Plumbing LLC has the tools and equipment to get your plumbing damages repaired with expertise. Our plumbers are trained and certified to handle all of your property concerns. As a 24-hour plumber, we’re here to assist with any emergency plumbing concerns at any time. Simply give us a call to schedule slab leak repair in Fort Washington, MD. No matter if it’s day or night call 202-793-4722 for assistance.

What is a Slab Leak?

A slab leak is an underground water leak that comes from plumbing that is under our concrete slab otherwise known as your foundation. The problem with slab leaks is that you may see a foundation shift. That’s due to the fact that the water from the leak can erode the soil around it which can damage the concrete from movement. Over time the foundation can buckle and shift which will crack it and possibly the home’s doors and walls. From single pipe damage to home demolition, a slab leak can quickly escalate if not addressed as soon as possible.

Signs You Have a Slab Leak

  • Sudden spikes in your water bill.
  • The sound of running water when pipes aren’t in use.
  • Moisture or mildew under carpeting.
  • A moving water meter dial when pipes aren’t in use.
  • Standing water around the perimeter of your house.
  • Unusually low water pressure.
  • Cracks in your baseboard or walls.

Detecting a Slab Leak

Besides certain signs that can point to a slab leak occurring, tracing the origin of a leak can be hard to do without the help of a professional. That’s due to the fact that plumbing is often hidden from plain view. What’s more, pooling water or other outside signs of water will most likely drift away from the source of the leak. That’s why plumbers have equipped themselves with state-of-the-art technology that will be able to track pipe damages or leaks from various methods. A professional plumber will be able to utilize the right kind of leak detection equipment to locate leaks so that localized repairs can be made.

The type of leak detection equipment can be acoustic discs and ground microphones to thermal detection devices. While ground microphones can hear through thick layers of concrete and pick up on distinct sounds of water escaping thermal equipment will see heat signatures. No matter the method used, the location of the leak will be narrowed down and located.

Once a leak has been located a plumber will develop a plan of action that will best work with your property’s specifications as far as pipe repairs or replacements. Depending on the severity of pipe damages or the wear of pipes, whole house pipe replacements may be recommended. A professional plumber will be able to determine which course of action will be the most advisable and discuss plans with you.

When you’re needing expert slab leak repair in Fort Washington, MD, look no further than us and call us today for assistance.

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Get Processes Started Day or Night

Get professionally assisted with slab leak repair in Fort Washington, MD with the team of reputable contractors at Sanz Plumbing LLC. We’ve got the tools and equipment to accurately trace the source of leaks. With our thorough plumbing inspections, we’ll be able to determine the conditions of your pipes and determine the best course of action to take with repairs or replacements.

A slab leak is ultimately a risk and can be considered a plumbing emergency. As a 24-hour plumber, we’re here for your call at any time of the weekday or night. Do not hesitate to give us a call whenever it is that you discover a slab leak in your home. We’re here to set you up with an inspection and services as soon as possible with a trained and certified plumber. Simply give us a call at 202-793-4722 to get processes started.