Slab Leak Detection

slab leak

Find the Source of Slab Leaks

Your concrete slab is the foundation of where your home rests. If there are any leaks with pipes that are underneath or connected to your home this could be a cause of trouble. Don’t let a slab leak remain untreated and contact the professionals at Sanz Plumbing LLC for slab leak detection in Fort Washington, MD, and subsequent repairs. We’re here to help any time day or night with our 24/7 plumbing emergency availability so give us a call at 202-793-4722 to get started.

Slab Leaks & Detection

Certain parts of your plumbing could be under or connected to your concrete slab aka foundation. If a leak forms, this pipe water can pool on your landscaping as well as cause the soil to become waterlogged. Slab leaks can pose a risk to properties as there is a potential for foundations to shift from this moisture which can cause further problems.

With slab leak detection, state-of-the-art tools are used to trace the origin of slab leaks so that repairs can be made. As plumbing is extensive and water can travel away from the source of the leak, finding a leak can be hard to do without a plumber’s help. It’s important to contact your local plumber as soon as you notice a shift in your foundation or notice that there are problems with your plumbing. Ultimately you’ll prevent further property damages that are associated with leaking water.

For complete and accurate slab leak detection in Fort Washington, MD, contact our team of professionals. We’re here to accurately find the source of slab leaks.

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Sanz Plumbing LLC is here to help as your 24-hour plumber. We provide ample assistance with slab leak repairs and are ready to trace problem areas with slab leak detection in Fort Washington, MD. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your plumbing give us a call day or night at 202-793-4722. We’re available at all hours for plumbing emergencies such as this so that repairs can be made as soon as possible. Speak to our team today.