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Water treatment as a whole has been widely distributed in both businesses and homes for decades now in an effort to provide clean drinking water for the public’s health. Studies have shown that each municipality and its water source will have different contaminants present. Municipal water treatment facilities do a great job filtering out the majority of contaminates but ultimately traveling through pipelines and entering your home you’ll still have some naturally present.

The solution to ensuring that all water that enters your home is clean and fresh is with water filtration systems or whole home water treatment. The team at Sanz Plumbing LLC is proud to be a leading water treatment company in Fort Washington, MD that can securely place water filters for your property. Rest assured that your water is being filtered properly by our team of experts. Give us a call at 202-793-4722 to learn more about your options.

Information Surrounding Water Quality

Unfortunately, there are many contaminates present in water and each city will greatly differ from another as water sources change city per city. Although municipal water treatment centers greatly filter out the majority of water contaminants, there is still a lingering amount of them present in water as they enter individual homes.

You may be able to look up the particular kinds of contaminates prevalent in your city by visiting your city’s government water treatment website. As such, it’s recommended to have your water quality tested in order to get an accurate report of what is present in your property’s water system.

As far as water treatment, there are a number of different options available with water filtration systems. Certain ones may be more desirable than others depending on your property needs or concerns. However, if you’re wanting an all-in-one solution that will tackle all of the rooms in your home consider a whole house water treatment system.

Whole house water treatment systems typically employ the three-step filtration process of a pre-filter, secondary filter, and third filtration system that is proven to thoroughly remove contaminates from the micro level to larger sediments. There are of course options for an additional fourth filter like UV filters that can polish off the final step of killing contaminates but that is entirely up to your preference. Ultimately, what is employed are sediment filters at stage one, activated carbon filters at stage two, and reverse osmosis filters at stage three. This triple filter system has proven to be the most effective in whole house filtration as well as point-of-use filtration for individual sink/room use.

Ultimately, it may be best to discuss your options with a professional plumber or water treatment company. They’ll be able to conduct any necessary property analysis or tests and determine the best methods of filtering your water that coincides with your particular needs or preferences.

Don’t let contaminated water alter your lifestyle, get in touch with a reputable water treatment company in Fort Washington, MD and get started on making better choices with your home’s water quality.

water filtration

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Sanz Plumbing LLC is a qualified water treatment company in Fort Washington, MD that has your property’s best interest in mind when it comes to providing effective water filtration systems. We work with you to determine which systems match your preferences and what solutions will match your property’s filtration needs.

With water quality testing you’ll be able to accurately determine which contaminants are present in your water. A whole house filtration system will be a great way to ensure that all areas of the home have access to filtered water without the hassle of installing filters in each room. Ultimately, you can decide if you’d prefer separate filtrations per room as well. The possibilities are endless when it comes to your preferences with water filtration for your home. Give us a call at 202-793-4722 to start the discussion on what can be done to improve the water quality of your home!