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About Triple Filter Systems

The most utilized system of water treatment is the triple filter system. The stages are as follows:

  • Stage 1: The first stage of water filtration systems utilizes a 20” filter to get rid of particulate matter like silt, rust, and dirt from the water. These sediments can affect the taste of water if they’re not removed. By removing the sediment at this stage you’ll also be helping to protect the carbon filter that follows in the next stage.
  • Stage 2: The next stage uses activated carbon that eliminates chlorine and chloramines from water which in turn prepares it for the reverse osmosis stage. Stage two also improves the taste of water while at the same time protecting the reverse osmosis membrane from degradation.
  • Stage 3: The final stage of the 3-stage reverse osmosis filtration system incorporates the reverse osmosis filter. Here an RO membrane is used to eliminate both inorganic and organic compounds (e.g. arsenic, lead, fluorides, copper, etc.) After water goes through this stage, the TDS will be lowered to almost 0.0001 of a micron. This is why reverse osmosis systems are said to eliminate 99.99% of impurities from water.

Ultimately using a three-stage filtration system is an effective way of getting rid of impurities from the big level of sediments to the micro level of organic and inorganic compounds. A lot of businesses like well-known coffee shops use this type of system so it’s effective to use for the entire home as well.

When should I change my 3-phase water filter?

It’s recommended to change your water filters at least once a year. However depending on water use and the quality of the source water the frequency of when you change filters can change. It may be a good idea to change them every 3-6 months.

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